Friday, February 10, 2012


Special dedicate to PCIHBV, WEATHERFORD & KENCANA PETROLEUM BERHAD for giving a big support to our TeamBuilding Event on 08/02/2012.
Thousand thanks to our 'man in story' Zaidi, Fadhil & Abdul Hadi for the photos.
Infinity thanks to Scoot Stone, the CSR for making this event working completely.
Uncountable thanks to me for posting the pictures in to my diary life =)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SyauQi FadeLi - I Got My Brand New Pecos by Red Wing, Quality Boot.

With over 100 years of experience making work boots and shoes, Red Wing Shoes is a trusted source for high quality, safety footwear with the fit, features and services your employees require. One pair at a time, one customer at a time, Red Wing earned their reputation for quality and integrity. From the ground up, Red Wing proven themselves on the job.

Construction : Goodyear Leather Welt
Leather Type : Full Grain, Water-Resistant
Outsole Name : Vibram® Laramie
Outsole-Slip Resistance : Best
Outsole-Oil/Gas Resistance : Best
Outsole-Chemical Resistance : Best
rasion Resistance : Best
Non-Marking Outsole : Yes
Insole : PORON®
Shank Material : Steel
Last : 515
Country of Origin : Made in USA
Care Products : Boot Oil
Steel Toe : yes
Shoes Standards : ASTM F 2413-11, M I/75 C/75

Thursday, February 2, 2012


1. If you are asked to rename yourself, what will it be?
- "slapping is a good lesson to the questioner" hehe.. why should i? Mohamad Syauqi is a great name aite?.. like it!

2. Who's your favourite minister? (Hahahaha)
- Hishamuddin kot.. he's cool in any situation~~

3. What is your favourite color? Will you buy a car in that favourite color?
- Red. Nt for my car.

4. Which one do you prefer, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Why?
- johnny depp. he's copying me!........ ???

5. What is your most beautiful dream?
- arrrr.... nop? not yet.

6. Who's your preferred friend, a male or a female, why?
- male. aku pemalu kat pompuan. tq

7. What is your favourite meal?
- KFC.

8. The celebrity that you hate most?
- Teruk betul soalan, xbaik membenci sesama manusia.

9. What attires are you wearing now?
- sh*t!.. why now?! why now?!... okay i'm naked!.. urghh!!

10. Have you ever watch my videos????? (Hahaha) ----> (Video: Syafiq Fadeli's Words)
- basi dosh wei.. hok baru blambok.. ahahaha ;D